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The chart is not about teaching symbols

You say the chart is not about teaching symbols, but still the learners are seeing them all the time. And I myself panic when I see the symbols.So what is the purpose of having the symbols there? Could you say more about that? Ok, well, think about this: Instead of...

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Word stress and vowel change

Word stress and vowel change Question Although I feel comfortable and confident in understanding the phonemic symbols, I sometimes have difficulty hearing the word stress.  I can hear if the stress is put on the wrong syllable but most of the time I remain ignorant of...

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Stress and Unstress

Developing awareness of Stress and Unstress The issue of Stress and Unstress is raised by teacher Siham Mayaba while studying for the Trinity College Diploma.  Question: Hi Adrian: My first question is, I'm teaching a group of Arabic speaker learners and teaching word...

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The Phonetic English Joke Book

The Phonetic English Joke Book Jeremy Taylor has put together The Phonetic English Joke Book which offers 100 jokes in phonetic script followed by a 'translation' in normal spelling on the following page. Jeremy says it is not intended as a high level academic study...

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Teaching diphthongs

Teaching diphthongs How to make the Sounds of English no 28: Teaching diphthongs Here are three powerful techniques for teaching diphthongs. I call these: Sliding, Miming and Inner Imaging (See also previous post How to Make the Diphthongs of English). These three...

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How to make the diphthongs of English

How to make the diphthongs of English How to make the Sounds of English no 27: Diphthongs Diphthong: The name comes from Greek di = double, phthong = sound. You can pronounce it either /ˈdifθɒŋ/ or /ˈdipθɒŋ/. A diphthong consists of two vowels joined together by...

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Giving feedback on pronunciation

Q&A: Giving feedback on pronunciation Teacher Keava O’Brien raised an interesting question regarding giving feedback on pronunciation (while on the Trinity College Teacher Training Diploma). Question: Could you give me a little guidance on giving feedback on...

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