Getting pronunciation out of the head and into the body
Sept 13 – 18th at Pharos University English Language Centre, Alexandria, Egypt

Programme description

Every lesson is already a pronunciation class, even if you do nothing about it. How can we turn this fact to advantage, enjoyably and successfully? How can we fully integrate pronunciation into our work on grammar, vocabulary and connected speaking?

How can we make pronunciation part of the glue that enables learners to fix and retain language, to reach easy intelligibility in their speaking and listening, to feel confident in themselves and to enjoy their learning?

This programme will develop insightful and practical answers to these questions, and enhance participants’ skill and confidence in their own pronunciation, and in bringing pronunciation learning to life. Click here for info

Hands-on practical work beginning to end

This is a hands-on training programme of “doing pronunciation” involving working on sounds, words and connected speech for yourself and in your teaching.

You will develop your understanding and insight intp pronunciation and how it works in your muscles, breath and voice, learn and try out new teaching and learning techniques, receive practical guidance and tips, do micro teaching and relate this to your own teaching style.

You will receive a copy of the pronunciation chart for your classroom. 30 hour intensive programme. 30 participants.  Click here for info

See you in Egypt!