From pronunciation to storytelling: a complete approach to comfortable intelligibility

Location: Bell Teacher Campus, Cambridge, UK.  2 – 14 July 2017

This course is for teachers, teacher trainers, academic managers and materials writers. It is also for anyone with an interest in the practical aspects of pronunciation, and in an approach which corresponds with how we learn. It is open to non-native and native speakers of English. Most participants are non-native ELT professionals with a high standard of English. You should be level B2+ minimum. Check out From pronunciation to storytelling here

Course outcomes:
  • Develop your own pronunciation at the level of sounds, words and connected speech
  • Develop your insight into how pronunciation and fluent speaking works and can be developed, using storytelling skills for fluency
  • Work on connected speech and personal presentation skills such as creating attention, engagement and drama, holding an audience, use of intonation, voice tone, pausing, body language, speaking from the heart and personal presence.
  • Experience and practice a complete repertoire of pronunciation teaching and learning techniques that have the potential to liberate learners from the grip of mother tongue pronunciation.
  • Push back the boundaries of today’s conventional teaching and learning of sounds, words and connected speech.

By the end of the course you will have developed confidence in your pronunciation, connected speaking and ability to engage listeners through your presentation and storytelling ability. You will have practised and developed the teaching skills that will help you bring about the same learning and enthusiasm in your students. Check it out here

Course description:
  • Explore English pronunciation at the level of sounds, words and connected speech.
  • Learn to feel and sense exactly what you are doing in your mouth so that you can critique and change your pronunciation if you wish, and help your learners to do the same.
  • Enjoy a complete workout using the Sound Foundations phonemic chart, with regular teaching practice to gain confidence, receive feedback, and personalise a range of teaching techniques.
  • You will have extensive practice of your own fluency and presentation skills through the art of storytelling. This provides a living context to rehearse and speak with personal meaning, allowing pronunciation and prosody to serve your presence and performance.

The overall impact is to bring all classroom language to life! Check it out here

Aside from that we share campus life, eat talk and meet together, explore Cambridge, and meet teachers from other countries on the various 2-week courses. Check the other programmes here.