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2018: 23-24 Nov International House London The Future of Training Conference

2019: Pronunciation and Performance: At International House London. 5-day programme 15 – 19 July 2019. Watch this space

2019: Skilled Coaching and Mentoring in ELT: At Homerton College, Cambridge. Bell Teachers’ Campus. 5-day programme 12 – 17 August 2019

Series of 40 x 3-minute teacher training videos: Practical insights into each sound, the purpose and use of the chart, teaching stress and unstress, and many practical tips.  For teachers and students. Click here

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Pronunciation upgrading and correction

Pronunciation, Advanced Students, Upgrading All levels need attention to pronunciation upgrading and correction. It's part of intelligibility and self expression. Challenge individual learners by inviting them to attend to  sounds, to joining words, to speed, and to...

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Grammar is generally prioritised over Pronunciation

This is true, but can be turned to advantage Pronunciation can be in the background of every activity, and foregrounded as it emerges in the course of any activity. To do this you need an immediate and ready to hand approach to dealing with whatever pronunciation...

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Consonants or vowels first?

This post continues with questions raised by teachers on the online Trinity Diploma at Oxford TEFL. The themes here are 1) whether to deal with consonants or vowels first; and 2) the use of phonemic symbols. Consonants or vowels first? Q1: While learning the sounds...

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I have been a teacher and trainer for many years and was director of the International Teacher Training Institute at International House in Hastings until 1999. Now I work as an international ELT consultant and trainer, doing a variety of things like running training courses in various countries, writing articles, working with Macmillan Books for Teachers, speaking at conferences and also school consultancy. If you’re interested in working with me, please get in touch…

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